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Sunday, January 15, 2006

khabary ke darmorede gorbeha dadam haghighat dare.
ye yaro ke fek konam chinie in karo pish in karo shoroa kard,bad mardom kary kardan ke ghat kone,valie hala dobare shoroa karde.too new york va jahaye digeye donya inaro mifrooshan,mardoman be onvane soghatio injoor chiza mikharan.
web site yaroo ine

bacheha,baraye inke joloye in yaro ro beshe gereft, 7,000 nafar bayad signiture dadam,agar shomaha mikhayd bedin bayad be in site beryn:

azatoon khahesh mikonam ke inkaro bokonid hatman,be doostatoonam bedin bokonan.yadetoon nare,hade aghal shomaha adam bashin...


Saturday, January 14, 2006

halam kheylie gerefteeeeeeee
bara khatere in khabarie ke taze shenidam
in donya chi shode? ma adama kheylie khodkhahim.
midoonin tazegia daran chikar mikonan?
gorbehaye bachero ke hanooz oostokhonashoon narmaro mizaran tooye ye shishe,ye loole mizaran vase loole ham vase madfoa va edraresh,bad dige oon gorbehe hamoonjoory mimooneho badanesh shekle oon shisharo migire.too hamoon shishe mifrooshaneshoon.too hamoon shishe ham mimoonan vase hamishe.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

vay man emrooz 2vomin emtehanam,eftezah dadam diroozio,inam roosh!lol
bacheha jaryane fateme ro az ye site copy paste mikonam.
golovune shoma! xxx

The sex act is important here because in the case of this 16-year-old young girl she was really raped. It can't be consensual sex; she has no power. Rape, murder and suicide are all indicators that misogynistic rage is very primitive, by which I mean that it arises early in the life of the perpetrator by age three if not earlier.

The case of the 16-year-old girl demonstrates that reality is twisted around; what is true is denied. Not even her parents, her own mother, could assert authority concerning her age. And since the Mullah felt threatened by her being "sexual" and hence out of his control, the Sharia solution is simple: deny reality and kill her off. It is all projection of the Mullah's murderous rage meant for his own mother. Instead of murdering his mother off in fantasy, the Mullah quite literally acted out his murderous rage against his mother in real time and space, on to this poor 16-year-old girl.
Her supposed crime was sexual in nature; the girl was more severely punished than the man involved; the judge and the judicial system were arbitrary and corrupt; the girl was executed for resisting male authority, and the execution was carried out in public to terrify the population.
Rajabi was accused of “acts incompatible with chastity.” A man was charged as well. He received 100 lashes and afterwards released (100 lashes are nothing to take too lightly, but it certainly is less than being hanged.) A woman told Radio Farda, a U.S. funded Farsi radio station, that the judge accused the girl of prostitution. Banafsheh Zand-Bonazzi says that the judge Haji Rezaii wanted Rajabi for a temporary marriage, but was rejected. She’s correct that temporary marriage can be an official form of prostitution or keeping a mistress. Whatever the exact nature of her activity, the most severe punishment of women in Iran is for perceived sexual misconduct – and women are always held responsible for not keeping themselves chaste. She could have been stoned to death.
Rajabi talked back to the judge, reportedly insulted him and said that the real perpetrators of moral corruption should be punished not the victims. That sounds like an accusation to me and possibly a threat.
Some news stories have said that Rajabi was mentally ill. She doesn’t sound mentally ill to me. She sounds furious and tragically sane and intelligent enough to see through the corruption and injustice of the insane mullahs’ system. She was foolishly courageous enough to confront a perpetrator of the misogynous system.

Haji Rezaii, the sadistic judge, chose to personally take part in snuffing out her life. He personally put the noose around Rajabi’s neck and gave the signal for the crane to hoist her body into the air.

Afterwards, Rezaii said that his real reason for executing her was her “sharp tongue.” In truth, her real crime was speaking truth to power.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

yalda: nemidoonam chi benevisam!
Mahyar Khatibi: to webloget?
yalda: are
Mahyar Khatibi: harche mikhad dele tanget
Mahyar Khatibi: jeddi migam
Mahyar Khatibi: az daro divar benevis
yalda: ok....

Inam az webloge bande.hala manam yedoone daram ke beshe toosh harfamo bezanam.
gabl az harchiz salam be hamegy!(lol)omidvaram har ja ke hastin khoshalo sarehal ke daram az khastegy mimiram,daram joon midam!farda ham emtehan daram,rooze badesham emtehan daram,baz rooze bade oonam emtehan daram.hichiam nakhoondam.kholase khoda be dadam berese.
rastesh chand vagt pish man shenide boodam ke 2 ta pesare javoono tooye mashad dar zadan,bara khatere inke gay boodan.kheylie shoke shodam,chand rooz pisha roo net boodam ke yeho yadam oftado tasmim gereftam tatooye gaziaro dar biaram.
bavaretoon nemishe chegadr halam gereft vagty ke fahmidam az sale 1379 (fek konam) 4,000 nafar koshte shodan ya bekhatere sexualitishoon,ya bekhatere sex gabl az ezdevaj.jaryane atefe (agar nemidoonid jaryanesho begid ta baratoon inja begam)ro ke khoondam,mikhastam beram har chi molaho,rishoo oonayie ke eslamo bahoonesh mikonano inkararo mikonan bekosham.
man kheylie rahat mitoonam begam ke kheylie asheghe iranam.valie: az vagty ke injoor chizaro daram mikhoonam kheylie eshgam kam shode.asaby shodam.are iran toope vali baraye oonayie ke party daran,ya pooldaran,ya rishooano poole mardomo mikhoran.
chera?ooon adama be che hagy var midaran javoonaro mikoshan?ona khodeshoon markaze fesadan,be mardome mazloom gir midan.
kheylie daram ke begam,dar moerde in masle.agar khastid migam.
ama be ooonayie ke too iran hastan: moragebe khodetoon bashin.
doosetoon daram